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Dzień Wolności Prasy

«Press Freedom Day named after John Lennon» (British Council)

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. We call this work cultural relations.

Recognizing the useful contribution of John Lennon for the good of culture, education, freedom of speech and press freedom, the British Council is ready create the new holiday as tribute to this great man .........

John Lennon is the leader of the world known band The Beatles. Rock musician, singer, poet, composer, painter, writer, actor, and social activist .. Born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool (UK).

About The Beatles were written millions of articles and books. Known song of John Lennon (Imagine) is the main anthem for all anti-war movements world wide, it is the symbol of cultural expressions, of religious tolerance and freedom of speech.

During the war in Vietnam, Lennon was against of this war. Different troubles waited him from the side of the US government by this and other reasons. Freedom of speech - the only dream at that time. It was risk, to save a large number of human lifes (care about people and them families). John Lennon welcomed ideas of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi (guide in the political actions of poet). And took part in many political actions for the good of Human rights. Peace without war - his main aim.

Fate of John Lennon has fantastic relation to the press, forever: because he was killed during several hours after the interview for journalists in New York (December 8, 1980). Exists record in audio format (the last interview in the life).

New holiday enters in legal force after the approval from UNESCO. Official date of the new event - day of the such approval from UNESCO. This will: «Press Freedom Day named after John Lennon» (British Council). All sub-units will be related with this noble holiday automatically (in many jurisdictions). Event under UNESCO (part of the UN) provides full legality and value of the new holiday on international level. Creative work of the band The Beatles - bright diamond of the British Monarchy in the scope of culture and education. Almost all Humanity thinks the same!

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